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.: Fishing [B] (0)
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.: Activities of households [P] (0)
.: Extra-territorial organizations and bodies [Q] (0)
Entries in present category
Offer Demand
.: , Name of Company/Organisation: Burza X, CROATIA - Vukovar
Target Country/Region: All Countries
Expiration Date: 22.12.2012
Entry Title: An innovative service for quickly finding employment
Burza X is completely free for all those who receive the information. To become part of this big family You just need to
.: , Name of Company/Organisation: Selco Continental Pvt. Ltd, SRI LANKA - Colombo
Target Country/Region: CROATIA
Expiration Date: 23.02.2013
Entry Title: Labour
Selco Continental Pvt. Ltd. from offers labour from Sri Lanka. For more information please visit:
.: , Name of Company/Organisation: Jacob Markt d.o.o. , CROATIA - Zagreb
Target Country/Region: SLOVENIA
Expiration Date: 12.10.2013
Entry Title: Hostess / Promoters
Company Jacob Markt doo, Zagreb offers promotions of your products or services.
.: , Name of Company/Organisation: PAWBOL Sp. Z. o.o, POLAND - Sulkowice
Target Country/Region: CROATIA
Expiration Date: 11.01.2013
Entry Title: Sales Manager for Croatia
We are Polish producer of electrical equipment. We're in Croatia market since 2006 . We're looking for Sale Manager for
Entries in subcategories
Offer Demand
.: , Name of Company/Organisation: BINDER LTD. , BULGARIA - Russe
Target Country/Region: CROATIA
Expiration Date: 06.12.2012
Entry Title: Men power from Bulgaria
Bulgarian company - Binder Ltd., specialized in assembling service and maintenance of air-conditioning, ventilation and
Burza 3.0.6, Build Top